Why Hemtron?

Why Us?

HemtroN in 2005 created history by acquiring an huge order of Lighting for their own various sugar units from world’s renowned lighting company I,e Bajaj Group. Lighting can improve ambience comfort and energy-efficiency. It can be peaceful and comfortable, stylish and dramatic, or cheerful and festive. Light can welcome friends inside and turn strangers away. HemtroN , offers a wide variety of light bulbs to help you create that perfect atmosphere, while reducing energy consumption.

Though young but has stormed the market. It is the proof of an ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY. We at HemtroN, believe that it is critical for our products to have better energy efficiency and illumination ability and be also 100% fault-free. Therefore, to deliver the best quality products, we have followed a quality management process that adheres to international standards. We are backed by a pool of quality personnel who regularly check the production process to ensure that we leave no loopholes for any kind of flaws to occur. The quality testing process enables us to test our products on all different parameters.

Only after individually checking each and every piece, the quality inspectors forward them to the consumer. Thus HemtroN enjoys enviable track records for excellent performance, Hence have earned the distinction of being the preferred choice of lighting of the end user.

Our Team

To develop our Company in technical orientation so that we sell our products on the basis of technical superiority. We, create conditions where each person is striving to surpass his earlier best where each person is motivated and assisted to give out his best. Our team comprises of R & D engineers, Lighting Experts, technocrats, young MBAs, quality controllers & Production Engineers. We also organize seminars, workshops and demonstration cum training sessions to your engineers / Electricians at your end. Our success in this industry is the result of the hard work of our manpower.

Our dedicated team of design and production engineers and workers ensure that high reliability and quality is built into every HemtroN light fixture for total customer satisfaction.